• In luxury retail, our reputation is among our most valuable assets. Entrupy eliminates the risk of inadvertently dealing in counterfeit items, safeguarding our customers, inventory and reputation.

  • Entrupy’s flagship solution certifies the authenticity of luxury products using an objective, scientifically-proven approach that better protects buyers and sellers of frequently-counterfeited, high-value items.

  • "Superfakes" can be so accurate that even the most expert eyes have trouble telling the difference. Entrupy’s technology sees things that people can’t, so even the best fakes can’t sneak through.​

  • An Entrupy certificate is produced for each authentic item submitted into the Entrupy system. Each Entrupy certificate has a unique link that is hosted on Entrupy’s servers and is backed by Entrupy’s financial guarantee for any incidental losses.

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Entrupy Certificate of Authentication

Entrupy Certificate of Authentication

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At The Luxury Outlet, all of our handbags & wallets are authenticated and certified before we list them on our site. Entrupy’s flagship solution certifies the authenticity of luxury products using a scientifically-proven approach.

If you would like your own certificate, please purchase this item and we will send you a copy of your authentication certificate.

* Entrupy Certificate of Authentication only for bags and wallets. No jewelry, shoes or accessories. 

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